iAP Cracker Compatibility List

iAP Cracker for iPhone/iPod/iPad [DEB/Official Source]
Announcement: iAP Cracker does not work on iOS 6.1 , the applications crash! please visit iAP Cracker alternative LoacalAPStore. It’s guide is present on this website.
iAP Cracker by urus; it cracks easy dlc/inapp purchases. As long as the game/app doesn’t check the purchase with a server. It uses mobilesubstrate for this: buy something inapp like normal and youll get it free!
it wont work with every app but a lot should.
1- Compatible with all iOS Devices (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)
2- Works in many games and apps;.. with every update you will get even more.!
No disadvantages. According to the developer it may not work with specific apps (all server side apps, apps that use server check for inApp-items and apps that use a different letters for encryption from inApp-items)
Dose not support iOS 6.0 + yet
Visit Alternative
How to Use it!
Buy something inapp like normal and you will get it free!
Important Note
iAP Cracker wont ask for an itunes login when you make a purchase. If it does try to confirm a purchase >> Please close the application immediately, unless you want to buy
Installation and Download
- iAP Cracker (Install with Cydia)
- Available for free in the following sources:
- iAP Cracker   (Download .deb):
Version 0.8-1 | Update
fix crashing and sbsettings button
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