Stuck on Apple logo and spinning wheel on boot #iATKOS #ML2


I have installed OS X Mountain Lion 1.8.3 on HDD, but when I try to boot spinning wheel and Apple logo won’t disappear.

I have removed graphics kexts and after that I can boot with -f -v GraphicsEnabler=No npci=0x2000

but not without those. What could be wrong?


CPU Intel i5-3570k

Motherboard Asus P877-V Pro

No graphics card, only HD4000

Toshiba 80 GB hdd (Mountain Lion install)

128 GB Intel 330 series SSD

500 GB WD Caviar Blue Sata 3

8 GB of Corsair RAM

Corsair AX 650 PSU

Asus DVD-drive DRW-24B3LT

Video about my problem:



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